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With over 15 years of bar code data collection industry experience and 25 years of PC development on staff, Big River Barcode Services is proud to offer our clients unbeatable experience and customer service at a value unseen in our industry.

Our company culture is one of creating a team between our staff and our clients to attain the desired goals of each. We value our customers with more than words and our dedication is proven every day.

We specialize in designing systems for:


Barcode Printers: At Big River Barcode Services we know that your barcode printer is as valuable a piece of your data collection system as there is. While we carry most major manufacturers we specify those makes that we feel give our customers their best value — From ease of use to those that have shown the ability to perform under demanding circumstances. Contact us and we will work with you to determine which printer is the best choice for your application.

Scanners: Scanners are probably one of the easiest pieces in a data collection system to install and use. Ranging from the simplest of cabled keyboard emulation scanners to intelligent programmable devices and short-range cordless devices the options are almost endless. Let one of our seasoned professionals help you decide which scanning solution is the best for your application.

Hand-held Terminals: Enterprise customers know that new technologies are needed to address the most demanding business problems today, and mobile handheld computers can be counted on to stand up to the rigors of the toughest applications. Big River Barcode Services offers the industry's broadest line of WiFi Certified™ products in a variety of form factors including handheld, keypad, pen notepad, fixed mount, vehicle mount and tablet designs.

Software: Big River Barcode Services is proud to offer our clients a wide variety of software solutions to meet their company's objectives. We offer many "off of the shelf" solutions as well as custom and customizable solutions.


Please contact us for more information: (505) 286-0629 or sales@bigriverbarcode.com


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